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Andres Vosu


My earliest recollection for my love of making handmade creations dates back to kindergarten. I built a truck out of toilet paper rolls and a tissue box. Also in kindergarten, during show and tell, I willfully misrepresented my stuffed alligator, as the quarry of my uncle, a fictional great hunter. A white lie, a prop and an audience started my career in storytelling.

Today, as an artist, I still love to create things and tell stories. As an emerging artist, I still experiment with many processes of making art. Home base however is mixed media. Using collage, matte medium image transfer, paint and pencil, I attempt to integrate craft and content with every stroke, rip and line. Also, past flirtation with film and writing has often influenced my use of text and scene creation.

My works allude to human emotion, frailty and vulnerability. I use visual elements such as figures, objects, icons and text, to varying degrees. When I use a singular element, such as in a text collage, I am depicting an inner space, a rant. When I place two or more elements within the frame, I intend to show the interplay between human activity, ideas and the environment. I create to have a voice. My art is a sounding board to the good, bad and intolerable imposed upon me by the inner and the outer worlds, in which I live. The process of creation gives me a refuge so that I can decompress from the stresses of life. Creating art is a journey of my own making, and the passion of creating sustains me through all other journeys.